La Escandella is leading the clay roof tile Spanish exports.

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La Escandella is leading the clay roof tile Spanish exports. It is a family business located at the Mediterranean offshore and established in 1964, La Escandella production site is the largest...

capacity in the world with a manufacturing area of 55.000 m2, this guarantees its response is possible in any part of the world. 

The latest technologies are constantly adapted to the manufacturing process. Factories are the most advanced into the market and the whole production process is fully automatic. Those points are key to settle La Escandella as one of the largest manufacturers in the world. 

Ceramica La Escandella is positioning on top of the clay roof tile Spanish export manufacturers. The company based in Alicante is currently laying its tiles in very significant projects and it is present in 85 countries, on 5 continents. According to the official Spanish Chamber of Commerce data, Cerámica La Escandella S.A., has achieved in 2019 a market share of 43.4% (export value in euros). 

As per this result, La Escandella consolidates its national leadership and makes a 10% difference with its closest competitor. 

During the entire production process, each tile is subject to rigorous and constant quality controls assuring that Ceramica La Escandella tiles fulfill the strictest and most demanding national and international norms and certifications.


The company is totally engaged with the quality and offers 100 years warranty certification for its premium product range (H Selection) fixed according to the local standard, and 35 years guarantee for the Mediterranean range.

In addition, La Escandella tiles have been recognized for the French Quality Standard AFNOR, one of the most important European quality institutions. Ceramica La Escandella, S.A., is the sole Spanish manufacturer that has the NF certification for its  whole clay roof range.

La Escandella tiles can be laid in any roof, either in those exposed at a very extreme weather condition or in a very low pitch. 



La Escandella is fully committed to protecting and conserving the environment. La Escandella tiles are 100% recyclable.  The most innovation systems are focused on comfort conservation and homes isolation as long as the renewable energies. Clay roof tiles are sustainable products and energy-efficient for every project.


In roof tiles, the design and quality has the name of La Escandella