Improvements on the Planum roof tile | La Escandella

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La Escandella, improve his Planum roof tile

Innovation and design goes hand-in-hand with Cerámica La Escandella. For this reason, thanks to its desire to excel, La Escandella has improved the Planum roof tile. Guaranteeing its customers a higher quality and versatile use of the tile.

Designed for low slopes of up to 10° (consult technical documentation).

Klinker roof tile with 100 years warranty.

And now with Batten gauge of more than 50mm. It allows a greater adaptation of the tile on the roof, providing functional solutions in its installation.

All accessories and colours are available (starting from 2020 productions).

Video Planum batten gauge of more than 50mm


The wide range of colours of the Planum roof tile offers customers an extensive choice of options to customise each of their projects. In addition, there are more colours on request as glazed or satin.


Also, for the range of dark colours (brown, black and grey), we have added manganese to the clay composition to obtain this brown base. In this way, they are aesthetically more integrated into the cuts that can be made on the roof. As you can see, we are still working to offer the best flat tile on the market.

To top it all off, La Escandella has designed an exclusive Planum Photovoltaic Solar System to integrate perfectly with the Planum klinker clay roof tile, offering its customers an aesthetic and efficient solution for their sustainable cover. 

Video Planum PV Solar System